African Red

African Red is a bright leaf variety with light green colored leaves and white stemmed. A vigorous grower reaching 8 feet (200cm) in height at the first crows foot. Plant form is columnar. Average size of 10th leaf at maturity 28 inches (60cm). Leaf width 12" (25cm) 28 leaves total on un-topped plants, not including bed leaves. Matures in 80 days. Has a high nicotine content. Original seed is from Transvaal, South Africa.

Argentinean Sylvestris

Sylvestris is native to Argentina and is often called Woodland Tobacco. It's a vigorous plant growing up to 5 ft. with large 20" leaves and sweet scented long drooping white flowers. Try growing this tobacco for mixing purposes only, as it's not strictly a smoking variety. Its unusual flavor makes it a good candidate for blending cigarette tobacco. A very attractive and fragrant plant that should be planted in every flower garden, whether you choose to smoke a bit of it or not.

Aztec Rustica

Aztec Rustica is native to Central and South America. It grows to 30 inches high with abundant bright yellow flowers that are very attractive to bees and humming birds. Flowering lasts up to two months. Leaves air cure to a medium to dark brown and produce a very mild flavored smoke. Like many other Rusticas, this one is very high in nicotine and should not be smoked alone. Used also for making insecticide Grows well in cool climates and tolerates frost.

Banana Leaf

This is a bright leaf heirloom variety that grows to 6 feet or more in height. It produces a narrow pointed leaf to 30" long and 12" wide. It gives good yields and matures in only 50-55 days. 

Big Gem

Big Gem is an heirloom bright leaf variety which grows to 5 1/2 feet in height. It produces leaves 30" long by 18" wide and matures in only 55-60 days. A tried and true variety that is a good producer.

Blue Tree Glaucia

A graceful tobacco which can grow very tall, thus the name tree. They can grow up to 20 ft. Their flowers are bright yellow and are very striking against the blue foliage. Also makes a lovely garden specimen. Strictly not a smoking variety, but useful for reducing nicotine levels in any blend. It is said to have very small quantities of nicotine. A wonderful tobacco which like Turkish is very useful for blending cigarette and pipe tobacco.

Burley Original

The original and popular commercial strain of burley tobacco makes a great addition to any garden. It is used for its hardiness and smooth, rich flavor. Good for cigarette making. This variety grows fast and is a high yielding plant.

Burley Variation

A variation of the popular common Burley, this variety is a large plant. A fine commercial strain that is used for its hardiness and smooth flavor. A fine tobacco plant for the beginner. Air-cures easy.


A heirloom Maryland type tobacco. A very good producer with sharp pointed leaves growing to over 30 inches long and 16 inches wide. Air cures easily to a rich reddish brown color. A medium flavored smoke which is excellent for cigarettes, alone, or as a blend. Also used in cigars and pipe tobaccos. Matures in 60-65 days. Although some growers have reported heavy suckering with Catterton, ours  have produced nearly none. This variety is one of our personal favorites. 

Cherry Red

Bright leaf variety growing to 7 feet in height. One of the heaviest producing bright leafs we have grown. Averaging 26 leaves to crows foot, not including bed leaves. Leaves grow to 24 inches in length and 15 wide. Moderate suckering. Matures in about 75 days after transplant. Leaves air cure to a light yellow / gold color.

Connecticut Broad Leaf

Connecticut Broad-leaf is a fast maturing cigar wrapper tobacco. It grows to 4 feet in height with dark green leaves to 30" long and 16" wide. It matures in only 45-50 days.

Del Gold

Developed in Canada by crossing wild Rustica tobacco with two popular American varieties. The result is a high-yielding, high-nicotine cultivar. It grows to 5 feet and produces large, wide, heavy grade light green leaves. Del Gold is one of the best known varieties for commercial tobacco production. Matures in 70-75 days.

Dixie Bright

Dixie Bright 27 was developed in the 1960's and produces a light colored leaf with good yield and weight. It grows to 6-7 feet in height. Matures in 65 days. As the name suggests, the leaves air cure to a light yellow brown.

Gold Dollar

Gold Dollar is a heirloom bright leaf that grow to 4 1/2 feet in height with leaves over 2 feet long. An early maturing variety that ripens in 50-55 days. Air cures to a light brown.

Golden Burley

Golden Burley is a medium flavored Burley with excellent curability. The leaves grow to over 30" long by 12" wide, and turn a bright lemon yellow when ripe. Plants grow to 4 1/2 feet in height with little to no suckering. Matures in 60-65 days after transplant. Air cures to a light buck skin brown color. Requires less aging time than most Burleys.

Green Brior

Green Brior is a full flavored heavy producing Burley that is a long time favorite of growers. It reaches a height of 6 feet, with light green leaves 24" long by 14" wide. Low suckering and matures in approximately 70 days.

Harrow Velvet

Harrow Velvet is a medium flavored Burley with excellent curability and a short aging time. Columnar plant form with tightly spaced leaves which are very uniform in size. Almost no suckering. Leaves average 24" in length by 14" wide and turn a golden yellow as they ripen. Mature in 65-70 days. Leaf cures to a medium brown. This plant carries what I think is a great name for a tobacco, don't you think?

Hickory Pryor

Hickory Pryor is an heirloom Virginia type tobacco. It produces very large leaves and heavy over all yields that rival modern day hybrids. It matures in 65-70 days. The leaves air cure to a medium golden brown. It's mild smoke and flavor make it an excellent choice for cigarette or pipe blends.

Isleta Pueblo

Isleta Pueblo is a Rustica variety originating in New Mexico. It is a very fast grower and matures in under 40 days. Grows to 5 feet. It tolerates cool weather very well and can be planted earlier than many other nicotianas. The leaves are dark green and have a thick rubbery texture. Air cures to a medium brown. Isleta Pueblo is high in nicotine.

Kentucky 15

KY15, as it's more commonly known, is a white stemmed high yielding Kentucky Burley. It has good resistance to most tobacco diseases. It is a columnar formed plant with large closely spaced leaves. Our grows have produced no suckers. Leaves turn yellow as it ripens, curling down around the edges. Maturity is 60-65 days. It has excellent curability and leaves dry an orange brown.

Lizard Tail Orinoco

Another tall, thick textured tobacco with leaves that produces a rich brown tobacco.


A medium flavored Maryland type tobacco that grows to 6 feet in height and produces very large leaves to 36" long and 18" wide. It air cures to a light reddish brown color. Maryland tobacco is commonly used as a blender. Matures in 55-60 days.

Mohawk Rustica

Mohawk Rustica is native to Central America as was widely cultivated by Native Americans and grown throughout the southern US. It grows to 3' in height and is similar to Aztec, but with less branching. The leaves are thick, dark green in color and are among the largest of any Rustica variety. The flowers are a bright yellow and are densely packed. Mohawk, like other rustica varieties is very high in nicotine and is also used for making insecticide.

Monte Calme Yellow

A favorite European variety that features wide, thin leaves that are much preferred for cigarettes and as cigar wrappers. Grows up to about 6 ft. tall, producing a large crop. Believed to be of Cuban decent, this tobacco produces a taste not dissimilar to Gitanes.


Classified as a primitive variety, this is the original Orinoco imported from Java, Indonesia in 1927. It grows to 6 feet in height and matures in 60 days after transplant. The leaves are long and narrow growing to over 24" by 10" wide and produce a flavorful smoke. It has a very high nicotine content of any tobacco, so use with caution and use for blending only. It makes a good blend to mix with low nicotine tobaccos like Virginia Gold or Turkish.


Oxford 207 is a bright leaf variety that was developed in North Carolina. It has good resistance to bacterial wilts and blank shank disease. It grows to 5 feet and is a very good producer of high quality leaf. Matures in 60 days. Air cures to a golden yellow color.

Paris Wrapper

Paris Wrapper is an heirloom bright leaf variety that is a vigorous early season grower reaching a height of 6 feet. Its leaves grow to 30" long and 20" wide. The leaves are a very light green with white stems. Matures in 60 days and air cures to a light golden brown.

Pelleted Turkish Basma

The variety has small sized leaves being broader of their upper half. Their texture is moderately thick, elastic and soft. Their leaf color is light yellow to yellow and light red. It is mild, sweet and aromatic tobacco, that is familiar to any smoker. Essential for adding fragrance to any blend. Nicotine content is supposed to be very low.

Pelleted Burley Tennessee

One of the more popular commercial strains of Burley tobacco originating in Tennessee and still carrying its name. It is used for its hardiness and smooth, rich flavor. Good for cigarette blending as well as for making milder cigars. This variety grows fast and is a high yielding plant and air cures very easily.

Pelleted Virginia Gold #2

This wonderful F1 hybrid variety is said to be the most popular flue-cured tobacco grown in the USA in 2010. These pelleted seeds make life for the grower much easier, as they can be planted straight into individual pots and have very high germination rates. This plant grows fast and is also high yielding plant. Leaves turn a bright yellow/orange as they cure.


Sherazi is a Turkish variety grown in Iran. The leaves tend to be small but abundant. It is prized for its flavor and aroma, and is usually sun cured, it matures in about 60 days.


Shirey is a dark Virginian type tobacco with a mild flavor but with a fuller richer flavor than Virginia Golds have. It is an an excellent tobacco for a cigarette or pipe blend. It produces a large leaf that air cures easily to a medium brown. It is a hardy plant and with stands moderate late season frosts.

Silk Leaf

Silk Leaf is an old heirloom Virginian variety which has regained popularity among growers in recent years. It grows to 6 feet in height and is a good producer of leaves averaging 20" inches long by 12" wide.. Matures in 65-70 days. Used mainly as a cigarette tobacco for its mild flavor, or as a pipe blend.

Southern Beauty

Southern Beauty is an heirloom bright leaf which is quick and vigorous grower to over 6 feet. Leaves are light in color and grow to 30" long and 16" wide. Matures in 55 days and gives very good yields. Air cures to a golden yellow.

Stag Horn

Stag Horn is a hardy dark Virginian that grows fast, with long, thick, narrow leaves. The leaves turn under at the tips giving it a horn like shape. It has a rich, full flavor and is good for cigarettes, pipes and cigars. Stag Horn grows up to 6 feet in height and matures in about 65 days. The leaves air cure to a deep reddish brown.

Turkish Bafra

Turkish tobacco often used in pipe tobacco blends and cigarettes. Columnar plant growing to 5 feet. Mature in 50 days. Cures a medium brown. Has a very low nicotine content.

Turkish Basma

One of the best Turkish tobacco seeds you can buy. These seeds are particularly apt at growing in dry conditions or just about anywhere. They are short in height and the leaves are smaller than usual. Their taste is mild, sweet and aromatic. They are used especially to give fragrance and sweetness to blended tobaccos. Nicotine content is said to be about 1%

Turkish Izmir

This is one of our NEW varieties of 2010. This Turkish tobacco is renowned for its unique flavor. It grows quite tall ranging from 5-7 feet and produces 20 to 30 leaves, each 15-16 inches long and c8 inches wide. The taste of this variety is distinguished by its unmistakable aroma and mildness.

Turkish Samsun

Black Sea Samsun originated in the Samsun region of Turkey on the Black Sea. Prized for rich flavor and aroma, but yet mild to smoke. It matures in 65-70 days and is often sun cured. An excellent tobacco for blending or smoking on its own

Virginian Gold #1

The finest and one of our most popular strains of cigarette and pipe tobacco. This variety is known to most cigarette smokers and is a fine and elegant plant. A must for cigarette making. This plant grows fast and is high yielding plant. Leaves turn a bright yellow/red as they mature. Mild tasting with very large, broad leaves.

Virginian Gold #2

This wonderful F1 hybrid variety is said to be the most popular flue-cured tobacco grown in the USA in 2010. This plant grows fast and is also high yielding plant. Leaves turn a bright yellow/orange as they cure.

Virginian Gold #3

Another fine bright flue-cured tobacco variety, which is said to be the largest producer of any virginian type. Very large and broad leaves offering a mild but satisfying smoke

White Mammoth

White Mammoth is a bright leaf tobacco that grows quick and matures very early at only 50-55 days. It grows 4/12 feet with leaves 2' long and 1' wide. Suckering is low and the leaves cure easily. A good choice for short growing seasons.

Wisconsin 901

Wisconsin 901 is classified as a cigar binder though may also be used as a filler or as a pipe tobacco blend. It produces large leaves, has a tight upright columnar form and matures in 55-60 days.

Yellow Pryor

Yellow Pryor a heirloom bright leaf variety used in both cigarette and pipe blends. It grows to over 4 feet in height with little suckering. It is a very good producer maturing in only 50-55 days. Leaves air cure to a light brown.

Yellow Twist Bud

This is a white stemmed heirloom Burley that grows 5-6 feet in height. It produces few suckers and its pyramidal plant form with closely spaced leaves give it good wind resistance. The leaves are up to 30 inches long, turn a light yellow when ripe and are easy to cure. Matures in 60-65 days.

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