Photo of some organic tobacco grown in the UK

The best way to enjoy organic tobacco is to grow your own. Here's how you do it

Until recently, not many people knew that tobacco grew in the UK. Even today, there are large numbers of smokers who still believe that tobacco grows only in exotic countries. Only last century, tobacco grew extensively across the UK as far north as Scotland. Today, tobacco is grows everywhere!

More and more people are growing their own organic tobacco, right in their own backyard.

If you only knew what we know about manufactured tobacco, you too would be on the way to growing tobacco.

So what, if it grows here, why should I grow my own tobacco?

It shouldn’t surprise you if I said that tobacco, like most other “products” of this modern age, contain a frightening number of additives.

“Additives” is too vague a word to use here, let’s be more specific.. Chemicals! Lots and lots of chemicals:

  • chemicals to make the cigarette smell better

  • chemicals to make the cigarette burn better

  • chemicals to make the cigarette taste better

  • chemicals to preserve the cigarette

  • chemicals to give you a “quicker hit”

  • chemicals to encourage you to smoke more

  • chemicals to make it harder for you to stop smoking

It’s all there in black and white.

You may wish to visit to see for yourself and as the link below confirms, this is UK government approved, specifically by the Department of Health. For crying out load!

You can watch a short (10 min) video on what’s in a cigarette

As we say, “and if your home grown don’t quite taste like the ones you buy in shops, don't be surprised!”.

By growing your own tobacco you automatically avoid all these chemicals. And if grown in organic soil also, Bob’s your uncle!